21st-Century Learning – Have you rebranded yourself?

The 21st-century learning is about empowering your users to be inquisitive, to think critically and make informed decisions; about engaging them to apply what they have learnt to co-create and share new knowledge; about inculcating lifelong learning.  And with so much other changes in the trends of technology, social media and the likes, what are libraries doing to relate themselves better to their users? What’s the users’ perception of the library’s image, its collections and services, its relevance to their lives? What are the library’s strengths? What are the library’s competitions? Has it got the right learning spaces? Has it got a coherent message about its offerings? Are the current promotional and marketing strategies still effective? …  It’s high time libraries re-assess themselves.  It’s time for rebranding!
The question that we should be asking is not whether libraries should rebrand themselves for the 21st-century learning but how? And the one model library that springs right to my mind is Edmonton Public Library!
When I first read about Edmonton Public Library (EPL)’s rebranding exercise last year on Library Journal (LJ), I was very impressed with the way it was done, the thought processes, the approaches, the strategies, everything! EPL’s rebranding not only made it easier for users to understand the scope of their services, but also bring themselves closer to their users. The end result – a brand new cool, fun and refreshing EPL with many simple yet powerful messages, starting with their mission statement : “We Share“.
To keep you from any further suspense, view this (must read!) Edmonton Public Library rebranding slidedeck which Tina Thomas, Director of Marketing, Communications & Fund Development Division, shared at the last LJ Directors’ Summit. Also visit the below to look at their other branding efforts, including those on the digital and media front:

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