21st-Century Learning – A Vision of Students Today

In keeping up with the latest trends and technologies, schools and libraries all around the world engaged ourselves in initiatives after initiatives. As educators, teachers, librarians and even parents, we may think that we know our students/kids’ needs and what is good for them, but really, do we?
Together with 200 of his students, Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University embarked on a project “A Vision of Students Today” to do a survey on themselves. Watch the video below (may be a little dated but still gives you a good sense of things) to find out the results of their survey and think again – Do we really understand the needs of today’s young adults? While the generation of today searches for their identity which very much equates to a technology identity, are we doing enough by just preparing them for jobs and careers? Is there a new role for education? Do we have the right recipe for 21st century learning?

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