Library of Birmingham, UK

A new £193m public library project by the Birmingham City Council is scheduled to open in 2013 in the heart of Centenary Square, Birmingham, UK.

With big plans to be the image-changer—for libraries as well as for Birmingham, the project includes a 35,000 sq m library with adult and childrens library, study centre, music library, community health centre, multimedia, archives, Shakespeare Memorial Room, offices, exhibition halls, cafes and lounge space, new shared auditorium (300 seats) with neighbouring Repertory Theatre and urban plan for Centenary Square.

… “Birmingham is a fantastic cultural city,” says its chief librarian, Brian Gambles. “But its image to the outside world is not that, and we know that.” A survey showed that 52% of the British public had not used a library in the past 12 months. … “We need to reinvent the whole way a library works,” says Gambles.”

Here’s a 6-min computer generated video tour of the Library of Birmingham by architects Mecanoo :

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