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My local library uses Syndetics — so once you’re at the Brief or Full Display you can click on the cover image to pop up a new window with additional information — e.g. summary, author notes and, best of all, editorial reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, etc.

There are also links to “New Resources” on the library’s Home page — e.g. you can click on a link to “Bestsellers” for a Brief Display of the “bestselling” titles added to the library catalogue in the last two months.

I’d like to combine these two ideas.

Under “New Resources” we’d have a link to “Latest Book Reviews”. You’d click this link and you’d get the editorial reviews for books added in the last two months.

The pages with the reviews would look something like the pages in a magazine or newspaper. We’d simply show the title, author and each review. The title and author would be hyperlinked of course. Maybe just the first 50 or 100 words of each review, with a link to “Read more” — I haven’t made up my mind about this last bit.

It’s just a different approach I think. Instead of selecting the title to get to the reviews, you’d browse the reviews to get to the title.

It might be a good way for you to find authors you’d never read or never heard of — I mean you might read a review and think “I’d like to read that book!” It happens for me occasionally — most recently with David Mitchell’s “The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet” — which is quite wonderful I think.

Apologies if this seems a backward step. I mean here we are with our iPod/iPad apps and eBook downloads, and I want our OPAC pages to look like the pages in a printed magazine. [Looks around] Just me then?

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