Virtual Library Tour – Yonsei University Library

Back in my librarian days, one of the things that I enjoy doing was to visit libraries overseas and find out what gems they have within their walls.  And in those days, we had to write papers and justify for the funding of our library study trips.  But nowadays, thanks to technology, you can easily accomplish some of these learning online especially through virtual tours. And here’s one that I think is pretty impressive – Yonsei University.

Yonsei University is Korea’s first university (in 1885) and the Yonsei-Samsung Library is the largest library and multimedia centre in Korea with a floor space of 570,300 square feet, a seating space for about 6,200 people and 600 computers for library users.  It rated itself as one of the world’s cutting edge, state-of-art library with the opening of its new library building in 2008.

Take a virtual tour of the library here and I am sure you will find it inspiring.
Don’t forget to check up their library webpages for more details of the interesting services they offer.  These include their U-Lounge, U-intelliboard, U-Memoboard, U-Magic Mirror, U-Pond, U-Table, U-MOD, etc.

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