iSpydus 1.2

We have just released a new version of iSpydus which includes borrower registration.  iSpydus 1.2 enables a librarian to handle a wide range of borrower related activities using an iPod, iPhone or iPad.  The activities covered include borrower registration, issuing items, returning items and staff enquiry functions. 

iSpydus works with WiFi or 3G networks to hook up with Spydus.  As part of the overall Spydus solution, iSpydus works with Civica RFID.  If a librarian issues a book to a borrower using the built in iPhone camera to scan the barcode then the item is immediately recorded as issued within Spydus.  Using the Civica RFID model the security system in the library is also immediately aware that the item is on issue.  For returns, either the RFID tag or barcode can be used. I believe Spydus is the only LMS in the world that provides this end to end capability.

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  1. Nina Antosz says:

    I like it Nigel, unfortunately the annual license costs are too high.

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