New China Comic and Animation Museum

Comic lovers visiting Hangzhou, China in the near future wouldn’t want to miss this new China Comic and Animation Museum (CCAM) which will start construction in 2012.

Hangzhou has been home to China’s largest cartoon and animation annual event since 2005. A new 32,000 sq m museum will soon be the iconic must-see building when it opens. Costing €92m to build, this project houses the Museum which comprises eight interconnected speech-shaped balloon spaces and a series of parks on islands, a public plaza and a 13,000 sq m expo centre. One of the balloons houses a comic book library and another has been devoted to interactive experience in which visitors can actively experiment with all sorts of animation techniques like blue screen, stop motion, drawing, creating emotions, etc. A gigantic 3D zoetrope is said to be the core attraction in this space.

Here’s an animation showing you what to expect:

More images available here.

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