The Library is my new home

Q: Where are you going?
Ans: Home.
Q: Where do you live?
Ans : In the Library.
Q: Huh?

Sounds like talking to a nerdy weirdo? Now maybe but not after spring 2012 when this new London property named “The Library” becomes home to people in Clapham.

From its property agent and“The iconic new building, designed by a Stirling Prize winning architect, offers 136 luxury one and two bedroom apartments with outstanding views of London. The building’s name comes from the fact that the apartments are to be built over a stunning new spiral public library located in the heart of Clapham, …”; “The library forms a major new community use on the high street, it is based around a simple spiral form, providing a seamless curve of learning. The spiral is used to link a variety of uses in the building with the books themselves providing a continuous linear coil around which other spaces are configured.”

Can’t wait to see how it will change people’s way of life. Here is a peek to this new project:

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