Civica Cyberspace, here I come …

Wow! We finally got our own blog.  Kudos, Nigel and team!

And we have all received invitations to contribute to the blog. It is one thing to be just reading others’ blog and totally another to actually have to write one.  I think it takes a lot of courage to put down one’s thoughts and then throw it out in the open for others to view, comment, etc.  Or perhaps it is just the Asian (or should I say more Singaporean) “Kia-si” (fear of death) nature in me that is at play?  To let go of that self-consciousness and just say your piece? Ummh … well …, I supposed as long as we are professional in the way we do it, we are all entitled to our own opinions.  And perhaps that Singapore “Kia-si”ness and “Kia-su”ness (fear of losing) could find a place in this blogsphere.

And guess what?  I have just made my little footprint on this new found land 🙂 Where should I go from here ?

About Rica

Director, Civica Library & Learning ... got teleported from the academic library space to the commercial library space in 2005 ...
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3 Responses to Civica Cyberspace, here I come …

  1. Polyxena says:

    Good that you are all posting in your Civica blog but could you sign your post so the reader knows who you are please?

  2. Nina says:

    Polyxena is right, it be nice to know who was the author.

  3. Rica says:

    Oops, updated my profile. Thanks for the feedback.

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