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According to the latest hype, Linday Tanner former Finance Minister reckons Twitter is a waste of time. But I reckon his PR machine is just saying that to drum up some publicity so you go out and buy his latest book [Sideshow – dumbing down democracy] and be suitably outraged by his words.  Or perhaps agree.  My local library has 27 reservations and I’m  number 25 in the queue.  But because social media is dumbing me down I may well have moved on from the Tanner Sideshow by the time I’m #1 so am considering cancelling the reservation now in anticipation of this. What do you think? I have always respected Mr Tanner but I think he gets cranky too often.

Anyway, follow @Civicalld.

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Emerald Leung, Sales & Marketing Manager for Civica LLD based in Singapore.
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